Tips You Should Know

Steel Prices

With the ever-changing market steel prices go up 3-4% annually. But since the COVID outbreak, we have seen a 43% rise and is expected to drop as things normalize..

Do Your Homework

Always do your homework, check with your local planning and building department. To see if you can do the project BEFORE you purchase or even put any money down on your building.

Media Marketing

If you decide to install your building yourself we have a DIY YouTube Chanel where you can get the latest TIPs and Tricks in putting up your steel building. Make sure to Like Share and Subscribe.

When Deciding

Things to think about

Metal Buildings

it can truly be said that pre-engineered steel buildings are America's best building buy. Many home and business owners have turned to these type of structures for convenience, economy , and versatility. Many times these buildings qualify for extra savings from reduced insurance rates.

Key Advantages

Available in a variety of sizes for a multitude of uses, these buildings are simple to erect, allowing you to avoid a long construction wait. Metal Buildings offer excellent utilization of space, expandable and are built to last and provide years of rugged dependable use.

Installation Support

Many metal building suppliers will not erect your building. They will deliver a building, then you will have to sub-contract the erection to another company. You may be stuck with a crew that is under experienced and will not offer warranty for workmanship. With us you have peace of mind of product and workmanship warranty.

Feed Back

Customers rating on permiting process

Customer input on the permit process in the three main point most people care about. Note: we don't have control of time it takes at various building departments.

Building Department (Appoval)
Delivery Time (subject to time of year)
Speed of Installation (McNeilly Steel)
Our Testimonials

What's Are Client Say's

Im so glad we went with Dave at McNeilly Steel he was so helpful in guiding us through this trying ordeal. He gave us the answers that the building dept. had I don't think I could have done it on my own. Thanks Dave.

Jonny Stevens Custom car graphics

McNeilly Steel did such a great job on my husbands shop. Gary left me in charge of getting the project done, but I really didn't have to do anything but watch. They put up the shop in about a week and a half I was so amazed.

Suzy P. Morgan Wife

Professional Team for you

Small Garage

If you are in need of a small garage or accessory building we have you covered.

Larger more complex

We excel in the more complex and difficult projects that so may not want to tackle. .

mcneilly steel 6
or somewhere between

If you need a larger shop, RV garage we have you covered as well..